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Birth Story: Heather’s VBA2C

Heather’s VBA2C Birth Story
(photo provided by Heather)
Birth story and photos shared by Heather M.
During my last few prenatal visits, my provider had been getting more and more negative about my vba2c [vaginal birth after 2 cesareans]. I would hear comments like, “Oh, you are not dilated at all so you have a crappy cervix and [...]

Kelli’s VBA2C of 11lb12oz Asher

My birth was nothing like I expected or hoped it would be (short and easy). Instead it was long and difficult, mostly because I faced a lot of emotional hurdles throughout. At first, I was disappointed by this and in myself. Then, I realized it was exactly what I needed and made a profound exclamation [...]

CAM Birth Story #3: Gavin’s Birth Story – VBA2C

In honor of Cesarean Awareness Month 2010, we will be filling the blogosphere with stories from real women (and their families) who know first-hand the consequences of a 32% cesarean rate. Each day we will post at least one birth story submitted by these women. Prepare to be moved (hint: grab [...]

VBA2C Safe as Repeat Cesarean, Research Finds

Most women who have had more than one cesarean are told that a repeat cesarean is the safest choice for their births. Many are not even offered the option by their doctors or hospitals.
Not so, according to recent research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (BJOG). A systematic review and meta analysis [...]