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In Conversation with Rebecca Dekker

Who: ICAN members
What: A discussion with Rebecca Dekker around cesareans and cesarean prevention
Where: Online Video and Voice
When: Tuesday, September 17, 2013
Register: Email speakerhost (at) ican-online (dot) org to receive an email with the link and password to join the conversation.
Join this Online Event September 17th, 2013 at 5pm PST/7pm CT. You’ll need to register with [...]

Interview with Sara Lamm, Co-Director with Mary Wigmore of Birth Story: Ina May Gaskin and the Farm Midwives

Behind the Scenes of Birth Story with Sara Lamm, Co-Director with Mary Wigmore
Thais Derich

On May 14, 2013, Thais Derich from the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN) speaks with Sara Lamm about her recently released film Birth Story. The interview took place online with voice and video for ICAN members.
ICAN: How did you make a film [...]