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5 ways a cesarean impacts a new family and what we can do about it

“I hated him”. Sarah took a deep breath. “I know it’s not logical, there wasn’t anything he could do,
but that’s how I felt. I hated him for not protecting me.”
A Caesarean Section is both the most common and least necessary surgery conducted in the United
States. It is also the only surgical procedure that will be [...]

New! ICAN Support Pillows

ICAN debuted our newest support offering at our 2011 Conference in St. Louis. Designed by talented ICANer Mallory Brock from a concept by Education Director Krista Cornish Scott, this fabric can be ordered by the yard directly from with a portion of the sales going to ICAN.  One yard of fabric makes three support [...]

From “McBirth” to Homebirth

ICAN mama Rebecca James was recently interviewed on about her journey from having a “McBirth” to homebirth, with a little help from ICAN along the way. She had this to say about how ICAN helped support her after her traumatic cesarean surgery:
It is hard to find support after a cesarean! Most people don’t understand [...]

Emre’s Birth – A Powerful CBAC

Emre’s birth story actually starts over 3 years ago with the story of Aydin’s birth. That sounds so beyond corny, but it’s true. Jason and I decide to try to conceive Aydin at a time when his birth would coincide with my graduation from law school. I always had this abstract idea that I would [...]

She Wants a VBAC, But Her Partner’s Not So Sure

ICAN’s Education Director Krista Cornish Scott has published an article on called, “Planning a VBAC When Your Partner’s Isn’t Sure.” Krista provides tips for dealing with this situation such as acknowledging fear, asking your partner to listen to how your cesarean affected you, and approaching your partner with their learning style.
Krista writes, “Getting your [...]

Register for the ICAN Conference!

Registration for ICAN’s 2011 conference is now OPEN at
Join us in St. Louis, MO for ICAN’s Gateway to a Better Birth conference, April 8-10, 2011.  Early Bird Registration is only $99 for a limited time!
Speakers include Henci Goer, Pam England, Isa Herrera and Dr. George Macones.
This is a fantastic opportunity to learn, heal, network [...]

Online Support Meeting: June 27th

Having a hard time finding an ICAN group near you? Is it tough for you  to get to a meeting in person with your local chapter? If your answer to either question is “yes”, then join us for this month’s FREE online support meeting. Share your story, your fears, your dreams…and support other women in [...]

Clarion Notes: Spring 2010 Issue

This is the first in a quarterly series highlighting ICAN’s signature publication, The Clarion. To receive The Clarion, you must be a subscriber to ICAN. To subscribe, please find your local chapter or visit the ICAN bookstore.
The focus of this issue of The Clarion is healing, which includes a phenomenal collection of articles addressing the [...]

Christine Tayor: VBAC Hopeful

You may know of Christine Taylor from her well-publicized two-day stint in an Iowa jail for allegedly attempting feticide. What you may not know is that, in spite of all of this turmoil and stress, she’s planning a VBAC.
Here’s the backstory, according to
Life can’t get much worse for Christine Taylor. Last month, after an [...]

Guest Blog: Cesarean Moms Speak Out!

ICAN of Connecticut chapter leader and blogger Danielle Elwood shares her reflections on hosting a blog radio show  last night in defense of cesarean moms who don’t just want to “have a giggle and get over it.”
The saga began earlier this week with a book review (on Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book [...]