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Top 10 Reasons to Support ICAN in 2010!

Looking for a last minute gift for a woman you love?
Need a place to spend that holiday cash from grandma?
How about a subscription to ICAN?
Here are 10 very good reasons to become a subscribing member of ICAN in 2010. Thanks to several chapter leaders for these great ideas!
Top Ten Reasons to Subscribe to [...]

Wrapping up 2009: What can ICAN do for you?

A letter from ICAN President Desirre Andrews:
As we approach the end of year, I want to invite you to become more
involved with ICAN and help support our mission. We recently launched
our new “What is ICAN?” video, made by one of our chapter leaders in
Connecticut. You can view it here.
This is the perfect time to make [...]