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Mandy’s Birth Story

Sorrow endureth for a night; but joy cometh in the morning. -Psalms 30:5
My life as a mother began on February 16, 2007, with the birth of my sweet Kate. I was induced with pre-eclampsia two days before my due date. Long story short, I ended up being completely dilated and after pushing, she never descended. [...]

Bronwyn’s Birth Story

Lenore Calais
February 22, 2011 12:42 pm
8 lbs 1 oz 20.5″
I’m the sort of person who recognizes patterns. I don’t have to try. I simply see them. My children are slowly teaching me that it’s okay to break them.
I noticed several similarities between my first two pregnancies and births. Both children were born on their due [...]

Rebekah’s Birth Story

I wish I hadn’t had the optional ultrasound at 20 weeks.  Our midwife had given us the choice and we decided to find out if we were expecting a girl or a boy.  Late in the afternoon a week later she called to tell me that there were some anomalies and that she was faxing [...]

The Accuracy of Operative Reports

The Accuracy of Operative Reports
by Jessica Tiderman
“Why did my OB tell me that I had a classical incision but my operative report says that I have a low transverse?”  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard this, I wouldn’t be rich, but I probably could take my family out to dinner.
Even [...]

Ellen’s Birth Story

My body is riddled with scars.  I have a scar on my forehead, a scar on my chin where an object pierced all the way through my lip.  I have scars on my abdomen from a surgery I had when I was seventeen and scar tissue built up in my ears and sinuses from the [...]

Shannon’s Birth Story

Shannon had a vaginal birth followed by a preterm special scar cesarean due to a sacrococcygeal teratoma.
Let me start off with an introduction! My name is Shannon, and I am mom to Addisyn, now 37 months and Evalee, 21 months and wife to Matthew.
My birth with Addisyn was uneducated to say the very least. I [...]

Rowen’s birth stories–low transverse incision that tore to the cervix & HBASSC

Q’s Birth Story
At approximately 2am on November 6, 2008 I started to get back pain that woke me up. I was uncomfortable lying in bed so I went to the couch to try and get back to sleep. The couch was more comfortable because I could sit slightly upright, so I stayed there until my [...]

Amy’s Birth Story–Inverted T cesarean for face presentation & out of hospital VBASSC

Reprinted with permission from Doula Momma
Graham’s c/s birth
Thursday April 3, at 41 weeks and 1 day pregnant, I woke up having mild contractions at about 5am. They were inconsistent and hard to time so I went about my day. They became a bit more regular and by noon they were 8-10 minutes apart. They were [...]

Not Your Typical Cesarean

Not Your Typical Cesarean
An Intro to Special Scars by Jessica Tiderman
Most people know at least one person that has had a cesarean. Not many realize that there are a variety of incisions that can be used on the uterus during that cesarean. The most typical incision is a low transverse incision, which is a horizontal [...]

Special Scars Week on the ICAN Blog!

This week we are very excited to be teaming up with the organization Special Scars ~ Special Women to bring you Special Scars Week here on the Blog.  This week will feature information on your options for VBAC after a Special Scar incision, birth stories from women with Special Scars and resources for support and [...]