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Optimal Fetal Positioning

Optimal Fetal Positioning
by Amy Fuller
Reprinted with permission from Doula Momma’s site.  Original link can be found here.
‘Optimal Fetal Positioning‘ (OFP) is a theory developed by a midwife, Jean Sutton, and Pauline Scott, an antenatal teacher, who found that the mother’s position and movement could influence the way her baby lay in the womb in the [...]

Finding a Care Provider After a Special Scar Cesarean

Special Scars Week was prematurely wrapped up.  This post, and the one to follow on optimal fetal positioning, are the last two in our series on Special Scars.
Finding a care provider after a Special Scar
By Katie Perez
After a Special Scar cesarean, it can be a challenge for the woman to grapple with what has just [...]

Wrapping up Special Scars Week on the Blog

Special Scars Week on the Blog has come to an end.  I would like to take the time to personally thank Jessica Tiderman & Katie G. Perez of Special Scars~Special Women for their collaboration on this very special project.  It’s been an amazing week full of resources, support, information, and beautifully inspiring birth stories from [...]

Jessica’s Birth Story

Kage’s Birth Story
I have had 3 c sections; my first was an inverted T incision all of them within 18 months of each other. I have 4.5 year old twins, 3 year old, and an 18 month old. I had no idea I could VBAC no one ever said I could or even mentioned what [...]

Chloe’s Birth Story

Chloe’s story and beautiful pictures are also available at this link.
A Birth / Love Story
- Background –
A brief background – in 2004, I was induced at 40+10 with my first son. The induction was painful, humiliating and terrifying. My epidural did not work entirely leaving me a window of pain next to my crotch [...]

Cari’s Birth Story

It’s some time early morning. Why am I awake? I roll over and look at my phone. 6am. Sigh. I roll back over and notice my back has a slight ache. And then I get a light braxton hick. I find this strange because even though I have been having them, 10 minutes apart for [...]

Christina’s Birth Story

‎The Birth Of Anthony
Sometimes I still cry in the shower…. It’s the only time when I’m alone with my thoughts and they always seem to turn to my births. The tears mostly come along with the memories of my 1st. Its only 4 years later that I dare to wonder, “How I will ever tell [...]

Why VBAC After a Special Scar?

I asked the women who are on the Special Scars ~ Special Women Facebook group to tell me in 50 words or less why they wanted to VBAC.  Some of them had a hard time with the 50 words or less part, but this is what they had to say.
Rowen B – Well I [...]

The Emotional Side of Special Scars

The Emotional Side of Special Scars
I have been trying to write something about the emotional side of Special Scars for over a year.  It’s been extremely difficult for me.  I started running out of time to get this written for this post, so Katie suggested asking the ladies of the group these questions:  “How did [...]

Tiyama’s Birth Story

I had been hospitalized at 26 weeks for softening of my cervix which was then determined to be pre-term labor, thankfully the contractions stopped after being medicated. After four full days, I was discharged with medication (nifedipine) to take while on bed rest to discourage contractions.
On Jan 27th, 2007 (30 weeks) I woke up at [...]