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ACOG Spokesman: C-section Rise “not going to be good for anybody”

An article in today’s New York Times discusses the report released yesterday by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) on the continued rise in cesareans. The article quotes Dr. George A. Macones:
The continuing rise “is not going to be good for anybody,” said Dr. George A. Macones, the chairman of obstetrics and gynecology at [...]

National Institutes of Heath Releases Statement on VBAC

Access to VBAC is Limited by Non-Medical Factors and is Safe for Most Women

REDONDO BEACH, CA, March 11, 2010.  The National Institutes of Health (NIH) finished the Conference on Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC) March 8th-10th, 2010, evaluating issues surrounding VBAC and seeking to quantify why VBAC rates have plummeted in the U.S. over the [...]

Elective cesarean increases risk for infant breathing problems

Transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN) is a common cause of respiratory problems in infants. A recent study published in Pediatrics finds that babies born by cesarean without experiencing labor are at substantially greater risk for developing TTN.
The researchers examined the incidence of TTN among babies who experienced labor and those who did not. Babies [...]

One Layer or Two: Much Ado About Something?

ICAN’s next webinar:
Confused by the controversy over single layer vs. double layer? You’re not alone. Whether you’re a mom worried about your own single layer closure, or a birth professional seeking more information, this online session is for you. You’ll learn what the research says about the differences between single layer and double layer closures, [...]

ICAN Responds: “Today Show” Spreads Misinformation

In response to the Today’s Show “Live in the OR” segment that showed a scheduled cesarean in progress , ICAN is appalled by the lighthearted tone and lack of in-depth information regarding cesareans. Dr. Nancy Snyderman downplayed the risks of cesareans while adding to the myth that suspected fetal macrosomia and being postdates are [...]

Misrepresenting the risks of cesarean (again)

While MSNBC should be commended for it’s recent article on unassisted childbirth, it also joins the ranks of media  misrepresentations of the true risks of cesarean surgery. Here’s a breakdown of the article:
On the growing prevalence of unassisted birth:
The number of home births unattended by either a doctor or a midwife jumped by nearly 10 [...]

Guest Blog – Henci Goer: Does Elective Cesarean Surgery Improve Newborn Outcomes in Ultra-Low-Risk First-Time Moms?

Bringing ICAN’s 25-year-plus tradition of support and education in the mother-to-mother and sister-to-sister model into the internet age, we have invited passionate bloggers to join us around our virtual circle of women. We hope to introduce you to new voices that you have not heard before, and also to respected voices that will already be [...]

VBA2C Safe as Repeat Cesarean, Research Finds

Most women who have had more than one cesarean are told that a repeat cesarean is the safest choice for their births. Many are not even offered the option by their doctors or hospitals.
Not so, according to recent research published in the British Journal of Obstetrics & Gynecology (BJOG). A systematic review and meta analysis [...]

Benefits of Cesarean? Think Again!

The Pregnancy Zone has published an online article heralding cesarean section as safe, painless, private, easy for the baby and convenient for the mother.
The article is not attributed to any author and cites no references. Such articles are misleading, inaccurate, and should not be considered authoritative by childbearing women. Click here for evidence-based information about [...]

Best of the Birth Blogs – Week Ending August 23rd

Your weekly one-stop for highlights from the birth blogosphere. Visit weekly for the latest on childbirth, especially related to cesarean prevention, recovery, and VBAC. To nominate a blog post to be featured here, email me at

Henci Goer (Science & Sensibility) – ACOG’s 2009 Induction Guidelines: Spin Doctoring Misoprostol (Cytotec): Award-winning medical writer Goer [...]