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5 ways a cesarean impacts a new family and what we can do about it

“I hated him”. Sarah took a deep breath. “I know it’s not logical, there wasn’t anything he could do,
but that’s how I felt. I hated him for not protecting me.”
A Caesarean Section is both the most common and least necessary surgery conducted in the United
States. It is also the only surgical procedure that will be [...]

CAM Birth Story: Ilka’s Cesarean

This birth story, in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM), comes from Ilka Szilagyi. To have your birth story posted on this blog, email it to:
Well, my story is a tale of complicated things.
First of all, you have to know that midwifery in Hungary is borderline illegal, since there were no laws around it [...]

New! ICAN Support Pillows

ICAN debuted our newest support offering at our 2011 Conference in St. Louis. Designed by talented ICANer Mallory Brock from a concept by Education Director Krista Cornish Scott, this fabric can be ordered by the yard directly from with a portion of the sales going to ICAN.  One yard of fabric makes three support [...]

Clarion Notes: Spring 2010 Issue

This is the first in a quarterly series highlighting ICAN’s signature publication, The Clarion. To receive The Clarion, you must be a subscriber to ICAN. To subscribe, please find your local chapter or visit the ICAN bookstore.
The focus of this issue of The Clarion is healing, which includes a phenomenal collection of articles addressing the [...]

C-Wing = Cha-Ching?

Ogden Regional Medical Center in Utah recently opened a wing solely dedicated to cesarean births, as reported by the Standard-Examiner:
The C-wing is the first of its kind in Utah, said hospital marketing director Craig Bielik. It includes eight C-section/postpartum suites, single-room maternity care, newborn and transitional nurseries, larger than normal hospital rooms and rooms fully [...]

Guest Blog: Cesarean Moms Speak Out!

ICAN of Connecticut chapter leader and blogger Danielle Elwood shares her reflections on hosting a blog radio show  last night in defense of cesarean moms who don’t just want to “have a giggle and get over it.”
The saga began earlier this week with a book review (on Mominatrix’s Guide to Sex: A No-Surrender Advice Book [...]

Guest Blog: BOOK REVIEW – Isa Herrera, “Ending Female Pain”

We welcome Karen Worley as our guest blogger to share her thoughts on Isa Herrera’s book, “Ending Female Pain”. Don’t miss our upcoming webinar featuring Isa called, “Cesarean Scar Care in the Post-Partum Period.” The book is also available for purchase at the ICAN online bookstore.

Isa Herrera begins one of the chapters of her book, [...]

Best of the Birth Blogs – Week Ending December 27th

Your weekly one-stop for highlights from the birth blogosphere. Visit weekly for the latest on childbirth, especially related to cesarean prevention, recovery, and VBAC. To nominate a blog post to be featured here, email me at
The Unnecessarian – Do You Suffer From Physician VBAC Hysteria? Quite a ruckus in the blogosphere this week as [...]