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Insurance Denial for Cesarean Now Illegal

We’ve blogged before on current insurance companies’ practice of denying individual health insurance coverage to women with previous cesarean surgery. Last October, ICAN mama Peggy Robertson, accompanied by ICAN’s advocacy director Gretchen Humphries, testified on Capitol Hill about her own experience with this discriminatory practice in Colorado.
Whatever your political persuasion, last night’s passage by Congress [...]

ICAN on Capitol Hill

ICAN’s Advocacy Director Gretchen Humphries posed with Peggy Robertson who testified before the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee about her insurance denial due to previous cesarean on October 15th. Read more about Peggy’s story here.

Had a cesarean? No maternity coverage for you in CO

The Colorado Independent has published an article chronicling one reporter’s quest to find non-employer-based maternity coverage in Colorado.
In advance of a bill in the state legislature that would require Colorado’s insurance companies to cover maternity, The Colorado Independent searched for non-employer-based maternity health insurance. How did it go? It was unbelievably frustrating.
Posing as a 34-year-old [...]

ICAN Mother Testifies on Capitol Hill

For Immediate Release
ICAN Mother Provides Testimony on Capitol Hill
Discriminatory Insurance Practices Investigated by Senate HELP Committee
REDONDO BEACH, CA, October 15, 2009 – Gretchen Humphries, Advocacy Director for the International Cesarean Awareness Network accompanied Peggy Robertson of Centennial, Colorado to a Senate hearing in the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee.
Ms. Robertson testified [...]

Michelle Obama: Cesarean as Pre-existing Condition is Gender Discrimination

First Lady Michelle Obama has called it like it is: insurance companies who deny women coverage due to previous cesarean section are practicing “gender discrimination.” Read about her recent speech here.
ICAN has previously reported on this growing trend nationwide. As stated in ICAN’s June 2008 press release: “In some cases, women are being rejected for [...]

Insurance Denial for Cesarean Illegal in MN

As of August 1st, it will be illegal for insurance companies to deny coverage to women with a previous cesarean in the state of Minnesota.
The Twin Cities chapter of ICAN worked along with the Minnesota Better Birth Coalition to promote this legislation. State Senator John Marty introduced the bill, joined by Senators Prettner-Solon, Pappas, Limmer, [...]