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Cesareans 17% more likely at for-profit hospitals

California Watch, a nonpartisan investigative reporting initiative, has released a study showing that for-profit hospitals in California are performing cesareans at higher rates than non-profits, even in low-risk pregnancies.
A database  compiled from state birthing records revealed that, all factors considered, women are at least 17 percent more likely to have a cesarean section at a [...]

Newsweek: VBAC Access Makes Medical Sense

ICAN chapter leaders Allison Denenberg and Barbara Stratton, along with president Desirre Andrews, were featured in a Newsweek article yesterday on VBAC.  The article asks the question:  if the evidence for VBAC safety is so clear, why aren’t doctors supporting it?
VBAC advocates hope that health-care reform, with its emphasis on evidence-based medicine, might help turn [...]

Insurance Denial for Cesarean Now Illegal

We’ve blogged before on current insurance companies’ practice of denying individual health insurance coverage to women with previous cesarean surgery. Last October, ICAN mama Peggy Robertson, accompanied by ICAN’s advocacy director Gretchen Humphries, testified on Capitol Hill about her own experience with this discriminatory practice in Colorado.
Whatever your political persuasion, last night’s passage by Congress [...]

Guest Blog: Can healthcare reform decrease unnecessary interventions?

This guest blog is brought to you by Maureen Finneran Hetrick, ICAN’s Conference Director.
The healthcare bill currently in congress might not survive the current political climate.  But healthcare reform seems to be something most Americans want, in some form or other.  In many ways, the American system of healthcare is to blame for the rise [...]

Had a cesarean? No maternity coverage for you in CO

The Colorado Independent has published an article chronicling one reporter’s quest to find non-employer-based maternity coverage in Colorado.
In advance of a bill in the state legislature that would require Colorado’s insurance companies to cover maternity, The Colorado Independent searched for non-employer-based maternity health insurance. How did it go? It was unbelievably frustrating.
Posing as a 34-year-old [...]

Best of the Birth Blogs: Week Ending November 1st

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Science & Sensibility – Does It? Really? “WHO Admits: There Is No Evidence for Recommending a 10-15% Caesarean Limit” [...]