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Elective cesarean increases risk for infant breathing problems

Transient tachypnea of the newborn (TTN) is a common cause of respiratory problems in infants. A recent study published in Pediatrics finds that babies born by cesarean without experiencing labor are at substantially greater risk for developing TTN.
The researchers examined the incidence of TTN among babies who experienced labor and those who did not. Babies [...]

Guest Blog – Henci Goer: Does Elective Cesarean Surgery Improve Newborn Outcomes in Ultra-Low-Risk First-Time Moms?

Bringing ICAN’s 25-year-plus tradition of support and education in the mother-to-mother and sister-to-sister model into the internet age, we have invited passionate bloggers to join us around our virtual circle of women. We hope to introduce you to new voices that you have not heard before, and also to respected voices that will already be [...]

Are Mothers Driving Up the Cesarean Rate?

A report on would have us all believe that the cesarean rate in the U.S. is being driven in some significant way by mothers demanding elective cesareans with hapless obstetricians following their orders.
But is this true?
While the Enterprise article cites the experiences of medical personnel in one Massachusetts city, researchers who [...]