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Kari Jo’s VBAC of Drake

I spent nearly all my “active” labor with my first son, Tavin, being as inactive as possible: in bed, hooked up to an IV, continuous EFM, narcotics first—and then an epidural at 9cm.  My bag was ruptured to “help speed things along.”  I pushed for two hours before Dr. L said it was looking like [...]

Hilary’s Birth of Jonathan

Jonathan’s Birth Story, 3/31/07
I have been fascinated with childbirth as long as I can remember.  So, when my own pregnancy happened, I felt very confident that I would have the vaginal birth that I planned on and assumed would happen.  My pregnancy was complication free, I never measured “big,” and everything looked great.  At my [...]

Katie’s Birth of James

My son is kind of a double anomaly-he came on his due date, April 17th, and my water broke before labor began, two things that I was told very rarely ever happen. Those weren’t the only two things about my labor that were completely and utterly unexpected.
I planned very much on delivering naturally-I was never [...]

Olivia’s Birth Story–A whole lot of surprises!

Telling the story of my most recent birth requires the telling of the one that preceded it.  They are so intimately connected that they have become parts of the same story.
My pregnancy with my firstborn, Bruin, was wonderful.  I really liked most of the doctors who made up my OB team, and felt confident about [...]

Dawn’s Birth of Markalee

Baby Markalee
My first c-section was with my sixth pregnancy, which I carried as a surrogate mom. I unfortunately wasn’t matched with the best doctor or couple. The doctor claimed the baby was large and was going to get stuck in the birth canal during birth. The couple I was carrying for just wanted the baby [...]

Stephanie’s HBAC of Maya

The Birth of Maya
I began this pregnancy feeling an intense amount of pressure to do things right this time, to have a VBAC, to prove that I could do it and avoid all the heartache that clouded the birth of my son, born via cesarean just 25 months before his sister. I was excited to [...]

Ellen’s Birth of Lucy

Lucille Catherine graced us with her presence on July 21, 2011 at 2:11pm. It was easily the most beautiful moment of my life, but at the same time, the most heartbreaking.  When I look back at her birth, I remember it initially as a time of joy and love and then the trauma and resentment [...]

Kara’s Birth Stories

For pictures and more, check out Kara’s blog, Emotional Healing From Cesarean.

Jason’s Birth- Unplanned Cesarean

Before the birth of my first son I believed that birth was easy. You go to the hospital, get your epidural, and in a few hours pop out a baby. Of course I had heard the horror stories of long, [...]

Jessica’s VBAC of Xander

At about 6 months gestation, I went to the E.R. for what I thought was premature labor.  My previous pregnancy had resulted in a miscarriage so I had some cause for concern.  After plenty of testing, the results were inconclusive.  I was having some fierce abdominal pain that we could not identify.  I went home [...]

Elisabeth’s VBA2C

On the day of my 2nd cesarean section (C/S) I was nervous, anxious and just wanting to get it all over with. I had asked my OB about the possibility of a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). She said she was supportive but also told me of her colleague she had just sectioned who (with [...]