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Isha’s Birth: From ERCS to unmedicated VBAC

From the time my husband and I learned I was pregnant with our second child, we began discussing whether I would opt for the repeat c-section or go for the VBAC. My daughter was breech during my first pregnancy, which led to the c-section.   I had been planning throughout my first pregnancy that I would [...]

Victoria’s Births of Reagan and Liam

The Birth Stories of Reagan Renae and Liam David
My daughter Reagan was born on February 4th 2009. I was 23 years old, and not very educated at ALL on natural birth. All I knew is that I wanted to give birth without drugs, but knew that pain meds could be an option. I had been [...]

Anne’s VBA2C

For those who don’t know where it all began, I’ll start with my first pregnancy. August 2008  I got pregnant with my DD and worked with the Midwife Center to attempt a natural delivery. The entire pregnancy was full of complications, which I won’t go into,  but it came down to me going 41 weeks [...]

Alejandra’s HBA2C

I had had two previous c-sections due to “failure to progress” or perhaps “too small pelvis, too big head” according to my doctors. When I shopped around for someone who will do a VBA2C in NYC no one would take me, until I found an amazing midwife who only does home births. After hearing my [...]

Annie’s Healing Birth of Abby Anne: Why My “Failed” VBA2C Was A Huge Success

I can’t talk about my third birth without talking about the first two.  It has been one long continuous journey for me to try to birth vaginally. It has been over a decade since my first, and over that time I have watched many women nationwide start to take back control of how they birth… [...]

Jesse’s VBAC of Hattie

I can’t say I was totally patient that last week of pregnancy, but I was trying!  I certainly enjoyed the alone time with my daughter, before she was promoted to big sister.  A week before I actually went into labor, I had prodromal labor for 8 hours.  It started at 4 pm, with contractions 10 [...]

Jane’s Birth Story

definitely- my firstborn son made his entrance into the world( although this idea confuses me a little, because i think he was every bit as much alive and therefore “part of the world” when he was inside of me… andrew and i both think people should count years by conception dates rather than birthdays – [...]

Shara’s VBA2C

View Shara’s birth video here
My first two labors began with natural birthing dreams, each lasted 24 hours long and for different reasons (neither were medical emergencies) ended in the birth of our boys via c-section surgeries. After my second c-section, I had a very difficult time finding peace and healing from the emotional pain I [...]

Kristi’s Birth of William

A Wish, A Prayer and a Special Scar
With each of my three children, my views about birth have changed and grown and matured based on the birth experience I had with each of them.  But none of my three pregnancies and births changed me quite as much as the birth of my third child William [...]

Kari Jo’s VBAC of Drake

I spent nearly all my “active” labor with my first son, Tavin, being as inactive as possible: in bed, hooked up to an IV, continuous EFM, narcotics first—and then an epidural at 9cm.  My bag was ruptured to “help speed things along.”  I pushed for two hours before Dr. L said it was looking like [...]