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Nikki’s VBAC of Joshua

So it all started the evening of November 6th!  As soon as my husband walked through the front door from work/school the contractions started! At first they weren’t very strong or consistent, but then I shortly realized that as time moved on I was having to breathe through them. I’m pretty terrible at timing contractions [...]

Carol’s VBAC of Joanna Noelle

Joanna Noelle’s Birth Story
September 26, 2012
5:51 PM
8lbs, 14oz. 21 ½ Inches, 15 inch head circumference
In May of 2007 I gave birth to my first daughter Melanie Beth via C-section after a failed induction (failure to wait) at 40 weeks 2 days gestation. I was induced at 2 cm and with very unfavorable conditions and after [...]

Maria’s VBA2C

Like all VBAC stories, mine starts with the birth of my first child. My oldest was breech, from 19 weeks on to the end, the girl would not budge. We were in the midst of trying everything under the sun to flip her around, and look for an OB who would do a breech delivery, [...]

Amy’s 2 VBAC Birth Stories

The VBAC Birth of Katherine Elizabeth (10/22/2008)
My first child was born by unnecessary c-section.  Partly due to my own ignorance on what happened in hospitals and what necessitated a c-section.  And a lot to do with my doctor withholding information, lying to me about what was happening, and wanting to get back to his clinic [...]

Miranda’s VBAC of Emma

I get so overwhelmed with the thought of writing this birth story that I’ve started and stopped (in my head, at least) half a dozen times or more. Do I make it funny? Heartfelt? Serious? All of the above? Can I adequately encompass all the emotions I went through on Monday? Have gone through during [...]

Brandy’s 11lb4oz Mother’s Day HBA3C

When I found out I was pregnant I was very happy about the baby, but could not bear the thought of a 4thC-section. I knew I had to do things different this time! I read all I could about a HBAMC and talked to as many women as I could that have had a successful [...]

Micaela’s VBAC

Two years ago this month, my older son, M. was born. He came into the world via a necessary, though unanticipated, cesarean birth. His birth left my husband and I feeling fairly traumatized and uncertain if we would be willing to take a gamble on another birth experience. I initially felt like I would be [...]

Sarah’s HBA2C

My first cesarean was a result of lack of education completely. I put my full trust in my OB and never questioned a thing. It was an elective cesarean at the OB’s prompting as a result of the baby’s size. I remember her discussing concerns with me about the baby being too big, getting stuck, [...]

Abigail’s VBA3C with a fused sacrum and a softball sized fibroid

~The birth of Ava Sophia, A VBA3C~
You know that definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  Yep, that one.  I’ve gone over that saying so many times in my head.  Am I crazy?  Why do I even want this so badly?  Am I willing to go through hours [...]

Antonette’s HBAC of Evangelina

Antonette is the writer for the Homebirth and Midwifery column for Mother Earth News Online.  She is currently expecting baby #3 at home any day.  This is the story of her home birth VBAC of her second baby.

Dear Evangélina,
It has taken me a year and a half to write our birthing story. I couldn’t write [...]