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Birth Story: Heather’s VBA2C

Heather’s VBA2C Birth Story
(photo provided by Heather)
Birth story and photos shared by Heather M.
During my last few prenatal visits, my provider had been getting more and more negative about my vba2c [vaginal birth after 2 cesareans]. I would hear comments like, “Oh, you are not dilated at all so you have a crappy cervix and [...]

Lauren’s Birth–Beginning the Process

Let me start by saying that when I got pregnant, a c-section was the furthest thing from my mind. My husband and I were living in Hattiesburg, MS when we found out and I was bemoaning the lack of birthing centers. There were was a group of midwives in a city 2 hours away, but [...]

Pam’s VBAC of Raquel

This is Pam’s 2nd VBAC.  The story of her first VBAC was published earlier this week on the Blog.
Raquel’s birth once again proved the old adage: Expect the unexpected.
My pregnancy was nearly perfect, so while I expected to pass my due date, I was somewhat surprised to find myself still pregnant after 41 weeks. Though [...]

Pam’s VBAC of Mateo

This week on the Blog, I thought it would be good to feature several birth stories from a mom who has had multiple VBACs.  I know when I was preparing for my VBA2C, I spent a lot of time thinking about my HBAC to CBAC birth and expecting my VBA2C to be just like that [...]

Andrea’s CBAC of Johnathan

This is Andrea’s story of her CBAC birth of baby Johnathan.  Andrea exerienced a complete uterine rupture, which both she and Johnathan survived.  When commenting, please keep in mind the incredible strength and courage it took for her to share her story so publicly.

When we found out that we were expecting another baby, our emotions [...]

Marci’s New Year’s Day Blessing: The HBAC of Cayla Ariel

Marci’s New Year’s Day Blessing: The HBAC of Cayla Ariel
This is the story of the HBAC of Cayla.  In many ways, it begins with the birth of her older sister, Annalise, so I’ll start there. Forty-nine hours into labor, I was transferred to the hospital, and after fifty-six hours of pain-med free labor, Annalise was [...]

Andrea’s HBAC of Josiah

Here is my birth story, about 99% complete.  Most of this story is from what I directly remember, but there are parts that I was told about afterwards, from my midwife and doula and a friend that was there, filling in the blanks when I was too out of it to fully realize what was [...]

Melek’s HBA2C of Evren Abel

This is the story of the home birth after two cesareans of our third son, Evren Abel, whose birth was the culmination of five years of hoping, planning, wishing for the peaceful, gentle birth I wanted so badly to give to all of my children.  I’m sitting beside him, having just nursed him to sleep [...]

Kelly’s VBAC of Kathleen

Like most women who VBAC, my birth story begins with the birth of my son a little less than three and a half years prior to the birth of my daughter. While I wasn’t exactly ignorant of the birthing process with him, I trusted that I would be able to deliver him without a cesarean. [...]

Holly’s 2VBAC of Avery

Saturday, November 3rd , I was 2 days past my “due date” and ready to try and get things moving. When I was pregnant with my son I took castor oil and went into labor that night, so once again I plugged my nose and chugged down a glass of orange juice and that ever [...]