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Guest Blog – Henci Goer: Does Elective Cesarean Surgery Improve Newborn Outcomes in Ultra-Low-Risk First-Time Moms?

Bringing ICAN’s 25-year-plus tradition of support and education in the mother-to-mother and sister-to-sister model into the internet age, we have invited passionate bloggers to join us around our virtual circle of women. We hope to introduce you to new voices that you have not heard before, and also to respected voices that will already be [...]

Benefits of Cesarean? Think Again!

The Pregnancy Zone has published an online article heralding cesarean section as safe, painless, private, easy for the baby and convenient for the mother.
The article is not attributed to any author and cites no references. Such articles are misleading, inaccurate, and should not be considered authoritative by childbearing women. Click here for evidence-based information about [...]