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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Lactation Cookies

Lactation cookies are the perfect gift basket item for the new mom in your area, and a delicious treat to make for yourself if you are nursing. These cookies are nutritious, filling, and support breast milk production! Oats have long been associated with increased milk supply, as have flax seeds [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Knitted uterus… with a scar

by Kelly Fischer

The sight of a knit uterus is certainly a conversation starter! While many of your friends may wonder “why on Earth would you want a knit uterus?”, many birth advocates and professionals would probably be thrilled to have such a unique gift!  Add in a band-aide to represent a cesarean [...]

30 Crafts for #ICAN30 this month!

Welcome to February’s ICAN30 theme…… <drumroll> ….. BIRTH/PREGNANCY THEMED CRAFTS!
We have many talented and creative people in the ICAN Community and beyond, and this month we’re going to highlight some of our favorites. We’re even having a contest for those of you out there who have designed and made your own [...]