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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Birthing Wreath or Basket

Mother Blessing Ritual: Birthing Wreath or Basket
The creation of a birthing wreath or basket can be done in place of the Birthing Necklace or in addition to it. You can either make your own wreath or buy one from a craft store. If you choose to do a basket, you most likely will want to [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Love Letters

“Love Letters”
In honor of Valentine’s Day, today’s #30Crafts theme is focused on LOVE.  Although technically the idea is really more of an activity, it can easily be turned into a project of “Love Letters.”
During my Bradley Method childbirth class, our teacher had us do a wonderful exercise with our partner: to list 5 things they [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–New Mom Affirmation Cards

One thing I love about this craft is how very personal you can make it.  The creation of the cards can be a reflection on your own unique style, and the messages you put on the cards can be really personalized to the recipient of the affirmations.  From simple messages like “I am a wonderful [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Homemade Pregnancy Tea

One of my favorite pleasures when pregnant with my first was to curl up with a nice cup of red raspberry tea.  I had ordered bulk tea direct from Catherine Young, who founded The Compleat Mother magazine back in the day. She died on September 11th, 2001 of breast cancer.  Every year on a day [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Belly Cast

by Desirre O’Clair
Belly masking is a crafty and creative way to honor a mother’s changing body during pregnancy. The time spent sitting for a belly mask can be a valuable introspective time during which a mother can center herself, communicate with her baby, or prepare for the transition that will come [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Birth Necklace

Birth Necklace
by Kelly Fischer
Recently one of my dear friends had an amazing HBAC, and as she prepared for her upcoming birth I was honored to organize a blessingway for her which included creating a birth necklace for momma.  I realize not everyone is comfortable with the idea of creating jewelry – so before you click [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Uterus Pinata

Ok, I am going to confess something…I actually have no idea how to make this.  But is this not full of the awesome?  Even though the first time I saw it was on regretsy, and well, let’s just say the comments don’t fully appreciate all of the places where a uterus pinata would be met [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Uterus Pillow

Do you want to make a friend smile like this?

Yes, you too can make your own uterus pillow.

Supplies needed:
·      Needle and thread or sewing machine with needle and thread
·      Fabric (1/4 yd) the one pictured is flannel, but you can use felt, cotton or whatever scraps you may have
·      Pillow [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Sew-Free Bunting Flags

Colorful triangular flags, called “bunting flags”, bring extra cheer and whimsy to a joyful ocassion. Decorate with brightly colored ones when celebrating a coming birth, or a birthday, or use cooler, soothing tones to make a small space special for a child, or a kid at heart.
We found these awesome [...]

Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–ICAN Support Pillows

ICAN debuted our newest support offering at our 2011 Conference in St. Louis. Designed by talented ICANer Mallory Brock from a concept by Education Director Krista Cornish Scott, this fabric can be ordered by the yard directly from with a portion of the sales going to ICAN.  One yard of fabric [...]