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Andrea’s CBAC of Johnathan

This is Andrea’s story of her CBAC birth of baby Johnathan.  Andrea exerienced a complete uterine rupture, which both she and Johnathan survived.  When commenting, please keep in mind the incredible strength and courage it took for her to share her story so publicly.

When we found out that we were expecting another baby, our emotions [...]

Are you a member of ICAN?

ICAN has been an all volunteer organization for more than three decades. With multiple goals –educating women about safe birth options; providing support for women recovering from cesareans; advocating for broader access to safe and
evidence-based birth care for all women and babies — ICAN is always
busy; our volunteers are amazing.
ICAN asks you to consider membership, with a suggested [...]

Dr. Joseph Tate wins inaugural REAL Award

Dr. Joseph Tate of Atlanta, Georgia, a professional subscriber to ICAN, has been awarded the inaugural REAL Award in the field of Newborn and Mother Care.  Dr. Tate is a wonderful supporter and advocate for women, and has attended VbAmC, vaginal breech birth and even a VBA2C of triplets!  He is active in the Atlanta chapter [...]

Marci’s New Year’s Day Blessing: The HBAC of Cayla Ariel

Marci’s New Year’s Day Blessing: The HBAC of Cayla Ariel
This is the story of the HBAC of Cayla.  In many ways, it begins with the birth of her older sister, Annalise, so I’ll start there. Forty-nine hours into labor, I was transferred to the hospital, and after fifty-six hours of pain-med free labor, Annalise was [...]

Andrea’s HBAC of Josiah

Here is my birth story, about 99% complete.  Most of this story is from what I directly remember, but there are parts that I was told about afterwards, from my midwife and doula and a friend that was there, filling in the blanks when I was too out of it to fully realize what was [...]

Melek’s HBA2C of Evren Abel

This is the story of the home birth after two cesareans of our third son, Evren Abel, whose birth was the culmination of five years of hoping, planning, wishing for the peaceful, gentle birth I wanted so badly to give to all of my children.  I’m sitting beside him, having just nursed him to sleep [...]

Advocacy Project–ICAN ladies, we need your help!

Are you pregnant or did you recently have an HBAC (or plan an HBACthat ended in a CBAC) in an area that is not friendly to VBACs? Weneed stories from HBAC moms, CBAC moms (who planned an HBAC) or moms planning HBACS in areas where;
1) hospital policy prohibits VBACs and2) the state legislation either does [...]

Kelly’s VBAC of Kathleen

Like most women who VBAC, my birth story begins with the birth of my son a little less than three and a half years prior to the birth of my daughter. While I wasn’t exactly ignorant of the birthing process with him, I trusted that I would be able to deliver him without a cesarean. [...]

Tonya’s HBAC of Kaia

For months and months I have dreamt of this moment. The moment when my daughter would be here and I would be able to say that I did it. I had my home birth after cesarean. I imagined what my birth story would contain and couldn’t wait to write it. And now that the time [...]

Holly’s 2VBAC of Avery

Saturday, November 3rd , I was 2 days past my “due date” and ready to try and get things moving. When I was pregnant with my son I took castor oil and went into labor that night, so once again I plugged my nose and chugged down a glass of orange juice and that ever [...]