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This is the official blog of the International Cesarean Awareness Network (ICAN). You can contact us via email: blog “at”

The International Cesarean Awareness Network is a vibrant and growing network of mother-to-mother volunteers, passionate advocates and women who care deeply about the state of birth today.

Our website reaches women all over the world as they empower themselves to work towards their birthing goals. Our subscribers enjoy benefits such as free webinars that range from educational, CEU-accredited sessions to more informal support meetings.

The International Cesarean Awareness Network is a non-profit advocacy and support group whose mission is to improve maternal and child health by preventing unnecessary cesareans through education, provide support for cesarean recovery, and promote vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC). Every year we give support and information to thousands of women through our main office, local chapters, and email support group. We provide impartial information, based on the latest research, which is easy to access for women and their care providers.

One Comment

  1. Shari says:

    I cannot find a link to your blog on the main ICAN website front-page. I’m sure you know how many people are reading, but the comments are strangely silent. Usually stories like these would receive tons of supportive comments. I can’t help but wonder if people are not finding this blog in the thousands that they should. Please post a big announcement on your main web-page in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month, and provide a link to your blog. I found out about it through my midwife on facebook. P.S. I’d be happy to give you my story for publication. It’s a pretty standard story, but pretty instructive. (#1 c-section, #2 hard-won hospital vbac, #3 late decision to convert to homebirth, which was picture perfect.) My beautiful 15 month old homebirth boy just woke up from nap. Time to go mother! Also, I have created a line of t-shirts and mugs on Zazzle, and am planning to donate 1/2 the proceeds to ICAN. The line is called “Push Back”, they are simple but show you are serious about vaginal birth!