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ICAN Supports “Trial of Labor” documentary

ICAN is pleased to support “Trial of Labor,” a documentary about the journey of four women who are pregnant, had undergone C-sections and were determined to try and birth naturally. This is an important film that is aligned with ICAN’s mission and message.

Each of the mothers had individually sought the education they needed to tackle this task and decipher the truth in what amounted to a tidal wave of misinformation, coercion, skewed medical policy and insurance limitations. This is their story.

The result is an incredible insight into the fortitude it takes to reconcile with the past, build the conviction to move forward in a new direction, overcome the fear of uncertainty, build a personal birth team and assume responsibility for the outcome of one’s birth choice.

In order to finish this important project the filmmakers need to raise thousand of dollars. Let’s help spread the message and show our support by igniting a viral, fund-raising campaign. Please share this email with your social network of friends and followers, and email it to several people asking them to do the same. Below is the link where you can watch the trailer and pledge your support:

Thank you.

-The ICAN Board