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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Belly Cast Decorating Ideas

So now that you’ve made yourself a belly cast what on Earth are you going to do with it? There are some great options! First, consider where you would like to display at as that will dictate what the first steps might be. If you plan to hang it on a wall, make sure you drill holes for the ribbon or string before you cover it up with anything. If you are just going to lean it on something, you can skip the drilling, though you might want to add holes anyway, in case you need to hang it at some point later on. If you apply a few layers of fiberglass, your belly cast will be waterproofed and you can keep it outside in the garden!

After any drilling, and trimming of ragged edges, gently sand your belly cast to smooth out all that plaster. Be sure to use a fine, light sandpaper and work carefully. Then, let the creativity begin!

2-3 coast of gesso will add shine and create a good base for painting. Or, if not paint, consider other media like tile mosaics, clay, bronzer, or decopaging photos onto the cast.

All these ideas and more can be found here. Do an internet search for belly cast and find some other images that inspire you!

Don’t let that beautiful belly cast gather dust in the closet! Use this opportunity to make a beautiful & personal heirloom work of art!