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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Welcome Mat

You can create a simple but meaningful keepsake for your baby with a photo mat, which can be found inexpensively at most craft stores.  I placed one of our baby’s ultrasound images into an autograph mat, which is designed to hold a small photo (4×6) within a large frame (8×10.)  This leaves extra mat space on which people can sign.  We set this out at our daughter’s birth and asked each member of our care team to leave our new baby a note.  After her birth we swapped out the ultrasound image with a newborn photo, and hung it in our daughter’s room.  I love to read the special messages from everyone who was at her birth, and I know someday she will understand the significance of this gift!  Another option is to keep keep the photo mat at your home and have each visitor leave a message for your baby as they come to meet the new little one.