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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Love Letters

“Love Letters”

In honor of Valentine’s Day, today’s #30Crafts theme is focused on LOVE.  Although technically the idea is really more of an activity, it can easily be turned into a project of “Love Letters.”

During my Bradley Method childbirth class, our teacher had us do a wonderful exercise with our partner: to list 5 things they were doing great, or 5 things we loved about our partner in regard to our pregnancy. As a pregnant momma, I had been so focused on what I needed (which for any momma can feel like quite a bit, and especially when I was fighting for a VBAC) that I had my list all ready of things I would like to see my partner improve upon (practice relaxation with me, etc). This was a formal yet gentle redirection. This was a dedicated time for me to remember all the reasons (or at least 5 reasons) I was so grateful to have my partner’s love and support.  And what a powerful exercise it can be, sitting together face to face, with no distractions, to hear your partner tell you 5 things they love about you in return!  Emotionally, I felt so much more connected, so much more patient, so much more powerful! And most importantly: so much more a team.

Another fun “Love Letter” idea is inspired by these “dear baby” posts from a pregnant momma to her unborn baby.  Moms and Dads – take a few minutes and write a love letter to your baby. Whether it’s a simple “I can’t wait to meet you,” or a more detailed storytelling of current family events and wishes- these letters may be enjoyed by your child when they are older… or they could be a way to record precious memories which are so easily forgotten over time. Scrapbook, baby keepsake box, or blogging are all easy ways to save these letters!

So today, even if you prefer to boycott the usual icons and practices of this holiday, I encourage you to take a dedicated moment to share your own personal, honest and heartfelt “Love Letter” with the special people in your life.  As Malvina Reynolds wrote (and my daughter loves to sing) “love is something if you give it away, you end up having more.”