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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–New Mom Affirmation Cards

One thing I love about this craft is how very personal you can make it.  The creation of the cards can be a reflection on your own unique style, and the messages you put on the cards can be really personalized to the recipient of the affirmations.  From simple messages like “I am a wonderful mother!” or “I am doing a wonderful job caring for my baby” to deeper, more personal messages that you want a mom to remember, these cards are great for providing positive little reminders and encouragement to a new mom who needs it.

The presentation of these cards is really up to you–you can create a big posterboard with premounted cards affixed to it, you can individually create each little card using index cards, card stock or construction paper (you could maybe even laminate them!!! Everyone loves lamination, and it would increase the cards’ durability!) so mom can carry some or all of them with her whenever she needs or wants to or post them in different places throughout her house, or you could create a ring of individual cards.  The possibilities are really endless!

A quick google search of “affirmation cards” pulls up tons of different sites with various ideas and directions for creating affirmation cards.  If you’re super crafty, you probably won’t need as much direction, but if, like me, you need step by step directions to cut and paste things on to paper with a glue stick, here are a few great links to get you started!

Abundance Tapestry

The Creative Beast

A how to instructional video