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Celebrating 30 Years of ICAN: 30 Crafts–Knitted uterus… with a scar

by Kelly Fischer

The sight of a knit uterus is certainly a conversation starter! While many of your friends may wonder “why on Earth would you want a knit uterus?”, many birth advocates and professionals would probably be thrilled to have such a unique gift!  Add in a band-aide to represent a cesarean scar, and it’s a simple but powerful symbol of cesarean awareness.
How to make a knit uterus:
I’ll be honest, although I’m smitten with these knit uteri, I actually don’t knit (yet)!  But according to my knitting friends, these “really don’t take that long” to create.  That’s probably obvious… if you can knit, then it’s easy, right?  If you don’t knit (like me), then make friends with someone who does knit!  And if you DO knit, then I highly recommend *this excellent tutorial* from!  Even non-knitters will enjoy the lovely photos on this link showing the knit uterus lounging on the piano! (For more info, check out the author’s blog with additional details on the pattern). And one last detail… you can sew on a little scar with some extra thread or yarn, or put a tiny sized band-aid on it to symbolize healing for that special uterus in your life! Note, if you get started today, you have 2 months to finish this project in time for Cesarean Awareness Month coming up in April!
Why on Earth would you want a knit uterus?
Don’t laugh, I actually HAVE used these! As an ICAN Chapter Leader, I include a knit uterus (with band-aid) every time I setup a display about our chapter. Statistics are always important, but nothing says cesarean awareness like a uterus with a band-aid!  And if you volunteer to be Speaker Hospitality Coordinator for the ICAN Conference 2013, then I highly recommend adding this to your collection of gifts for the amazing speakers! (Note: ICAN is currently seeking volunteers for the ICAN Conference Commitee! For more info please email:
Other ideas:
  • Use it as a gift for your doula, midwife, OB, nurse, childbirth educator, birth photographer, chiropractor, massage therapist,
  • Are you a birth professional? Use it as part of your display! Or as a prop while teaching or giving presentations!
  • This would make a unique marketing gift to another birth professional or organization you will be partnering with!
Please remember that according to knitty and the author’s wishes, these wombs are not to be made for retail sale. Thanks and happy womb-ing!

Do you have an interesting knitting or crocheting pattern you’d like to share? We’ll be choosing favorite projects that you our wonderful blog readers are submitting! Hey we might even rustle up some prizes!  Email: with the title ICAN30Crafts to enter!

Kelly Fischer was formerly Speaker Hospitality Coordinator for the ICAN Conference 2011, and is currently Chapter Leader for ICAN of Northeast Iowa. She has tried to learn how to knit at least twice.  Maybe the third time’s the charm?