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VBAC in Florida: A qualitative study

Published today, a study conducted by Kim J. Cox explored the perspectives of both obstetricians and midwives in Florida on VBAC.  Interviewed were eleven OBs, 12 midwives and a hospital administrator.  The abstract of the study notes that less than 1% of Florida women with a previous cesarean will VBAC.  The goal of this study was described by the author to “…explore the barriers associated with the ACOG VBAC guidelines, as well as the strategies that obstetricians and midwives use to minimize their legal risks when offering a trial of labor after cesarean.”  The study provides very interesting insight into the reasons behind the low rate of VBAC in Florida, including the fear of legal ramifications and the efforts care providers make to minimize their risk, including being highly selective of the patients they will consider attending as a VBAC.

This very interesting article is available to read in full here.

The abstract is available here.

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  1. christina says:

    I moved from california to florida after my second child was born, both were vaginal birth plans & very difernt labors, both ended in csection for very different reasons. When I have my next child I still plan to VBAC.