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Guest Post: VBAC Rates by Martha Basham, ICAN Publications Director

According to Giving Birth With Confidence, 74% of women who plan a VBAC will have a vaginal birth.  However, according to the March of Dimes website, the numbers of women who actually choose to VBAC are much lower.

Women who have undergone cesarean surgery and become pregnant again face the decision of whether to VBAC or undergo a repeat cesarean surgery.  Two-thirds of those who choose to VBAC will have a vaginal birth.  But many women, for various reasons, don’t know that they even have an option.

Why aren’t more VBACs happening?

Prior to my 3rd pregnancy, having undergone 2 cesareans, I thought I had no option but to schedule my 3rd cesarean—until I found ICAN and learned I had another option!

Check back tomorrow to find out how my story went…