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CAM Birth Stories: Deena’s Cesarean and VBAC

These birth stories, in honor of Cesarean Awareness Month (CAM), come from Deena Blumenfeld. To have your birth story posted on this blog, email it to:

Owen’s birth story: My c-section (click to read the full story):

“5:08 am – Owen was born.  He started crying with only his head out.  His apgar scores were 9 and 9.  Big and healthy.  I only got to see him very briefly.  I sent Dan with him to the nursery.  While they were stitching me up, both the MW and the OB told me that if I have another baby, and I don’t go early, they are scheduling me for a c-section.  I think that’s best.

Hmmm… So, that last paragraph stuck out to me. Wow, even my Midwife told me to expect a second c-section. I didn’t remember that till I read it. I didn’t realize they didn’t have faith in me. Makes me a bit sad, actually. Good thing I knew better by the time I got pregnant with Elaine!”

Elaine’s birth story: My VBAC (click to read the full story):

“My mantra – “OPEN, DOWN, OUT”… um, but of course I swore… a lot.  Can’t help that.  I yelled during pushing.  I know, I know, “low tones”… *sigh* My bully nurse got in my face and basically told me to can it.  Strangely enough, it was exactly what I needed.

Lori, my midwife then offered me an epidural and a chance to rest OR to take 15 minutes and push my baby out.  I honestly thought, for a whole minute, that an epi might be a good idea.  Then my determination set in and I decided to push.  I had to get over my control issues.  Had to release into it.  Surrender.  Once I did that, I could push.  Felt like the biggest poop ever.  Her head and hand came out.  I needed to get the rest of her out.  Head felt big, body lumpy.  She cried right away.”