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She Wants a VBAC, But Her Partner’s Not So Sure

ICAN’s Education Director Krista Cornish Scott has published an article on called, “Planning a VBAC When Your Partner’s Isn’t Sure.” Krista provides tips for dealing with this situation such as acknowledging fear, asking your partner to listen to how your cesarean affected you, and approaching your partner with their learning style.

Krista writes, “Getting your partner to understand or at least be supportive of your birthing plans, whatever they are, can reduce a great deal of prenatal stress. Trying these tips can help open the door to better communication as well as a better birth for the entire family.”

Read the full article here and share it with women you know who might need these valuable tips!

One Comment

  1. Guillotines says:

    Personally I feel this is comething both adults should agree too – have a chat together about the VBAC