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Orgasmic VBAC

Jennifer posted a wonderful story of her orgasmic VBAC on

I pushed for two hours, which isn’t too bad compared to the 43-hour marathon labor stories we hear. I was pretty vocal; mostly pissed that there was zero pain-relief from the epidural. I think the contractions were more painful because I had the expectation of pain relief, but since there was none, all I could think about was the pain.

The good part of the epidural not working is that I felt every bit of James leave my body, even his nose. It was pretty amazing. My doctor was yelling encouragement for me to push while he delivered James’s head with one hand and did perineal massage with the other. I felt an intense burning situation and then, holy cow, I had the strongest orgasm I had ever had. I faltered mid-push because, well, I had no expectation of having an orgasm during birth. Who does?? I was embarrassed-orgasms are for the bedroom, not the delivery room.

And she gives a shout-out to ICAN, too:

In closing, I offer a small bit of advice to all women: your body was made, among other things, to have children. You CAN do it, even if you think you can’t. If you prepare for childbirth, educate yourself on breathing and mechanisms to help you deal with the pain ahead of time, labor will be easier. Make this your mantra: “I CAN do it.” You can, you can! For more information on vaginal births after cesarean sections, please check out the International Cesarean Awareness Network.

Congrats, Jennifer! And thanks for sharing your story with the blogosphere…


  1. Hey, that’s me! Thanks for reading my story. I am still so grateful that I was able to have a VBAC, especially when I hear about so many women being denied one for reasons that don’t seem all that valid. One commenter on my post did actually have a ruptured uterus, though not during labor. She was the first person I’d ever “met” whose uterus ruptured.

  2. Lori says:

    i am always glad to read that a VBAC has worked for someone…especially if they got an orgasm out of the deal, too! unfortunately, i am not one of those people; my uterus ruptured in my 2nd hour of pushing during a 17-hour VBAC attempt. the rupture was life threatening for my son, but not as much for me. unfortunately, it was repaired incorrectly, and that incorrect repair caused an injury to my bladder that caused IT to rupture one week after my son’s birth. that bladder rupture was life threatening and life changing. i will never be fully physically recovered from it, and i will never be fully emotionally healed from what i feel is a selfish decision (to attempt a VBAC) that nearly cost me and my son our lives.

    i know the stats are in favor of VBACs being safe, and i fully support a woman having the right to give birth how she wants to…just make sure you educate yourself and have a full understanding of the reasons you are a VBAC patient (why did you have a c/s prior to your VBAC attempt). i ignored or glossed over many things about my daughter’s c/s in the blind belief that all that had led to her c/s would not happen again. i was wrong.