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Best of the Birth Blogs – Week Ending July 4th

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It’s been a little slow here on the blog so far this summer. Lots going on with family vacations and graduate school for this blogger! I’ll try to keep up and post more often from here on out. Meanwhile, in case you’ve missed what other wonderful birth bloggers have been posting, here are some highlights from the last week:

Do not miss this awe-inspiring video and narrative from midwife and “Spinning Babies Lady” Gail Tully on her Spinning Babies Blog of a second-time VBAC mama’s frank breech homebirth. Those of us in the Twin Cities of Minnesota are so fortunate to have such wonderful midwives who really trust birth.

In case you’ve been reading unsettling headlines about the World Health Organization dumping it’s cesarean rate guidelines, be sure to read Jill’s fact-checking post at The Unnecessarian. Another example of the media gone haywire on childbirth in America.

Speaking of the media, Kmom offers a great analysis on Well-Rounded Mama of a recent Boston Globe op-ed discussing the high costs of cesareans and suggestions on lowering the cesarean rate.

Lastly, Fearless Birth picked up on news of a recent study that shows high protein diets early in pregnancy can help protect mothers from gestational diabetes, something many good midwives have known (without testing mice) for a long time!