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Online Support Meeting: June 27th

Having a hard time finding an ICAN group near you? Is it tough for you  to get to a meeting in person with your local chapter? If your answer to either question is “yes”, then join us for this month’s FREE online support meeting. Share your story, your fears, your dreams…and support other women in their journeys.

Click here to register. Registration is FREE for online support meetings.

ICAN also offers online educational webinars. Click here to download past educational ICAN webinars on topics like cesarean prevention, journey to VBAC, scar care and single vs. double sutures.  Educational webinars are subject to ICAN subscription or download fees.

One Comment

  1. dc gloria says:

    dear ican,
    i live in dki jakarta the capital city of indonesia-south east asia.

    i have 3 children.
    i delivered my 1st son vaginally.
    i had c-section for my 2nd son and after i’ve read laura shanley’s site and ican’s sites, i had my 1st sucessful vbac homebirth unassistedly on june 17 th 2009. another son.
    i have a 16 years old son, a 3 years old son and an 11 months old vbac baby.

    i can feel now that m 4 months pregnant.
    please wish me the best so i can deliver my 4th baby naturally at home.

    love and prayers!