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Clarion Notes: Spring 2010 Issue

clarionThis is the first in a quarterly series highlighting ICAN’s signature publication, The Clarion. To receive The Clarion, you must be a subscriber to ICAN. To subscribe, please find your local chapter or visit the ICAN bookstore.

The focus of this issue of The Clarion is healing, which includes a phenomenal collection of articles addressing the emotional, spiritual and physical dimensions of recovery from grief and loss in childbirth.

Here are a few highlights:

Loss and Healing: The Long Road to Recovering is written by Maddy Oden, whose daughter Tatia and granddaughter Zorah died as a result of induction with Cytotec. Oden writes, “I believe that thh wound from a child, of a wife, of a grandchild, of a piece of ourselves…is never totally” healed”, and I don’t think it should be. I believe that the part of us that will always be in pain in Spirit’s way of showing us how deep love is and that it lasts forever…”

Cesarean Scar Care by Isa Herrera, MSPT, CSCS includes pictures and instructions on self-massage to help with cesarean scar pain and healing. Herrera says, “The truth is, many women need advice on how to care for their scars, improve healing and reduce pain. Cesareans are major surgeries requiring special care and special attention for a full and speedy recovery.”

Sharon Gourlay also shares her story of the double-loss of her desired childbirth experience and her son’s life in The Loss of Two Dreams. In addition, this issue includes a summary of the National Institutes of Health conference on VBAC and ICAN’s presence there.

Many thanks to The Clarion’s editor-in-chief Pam Udy for her hard work and dedication in producing this amazing newsletter. She welcomes your feedback at

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