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Post-Cesarean Feelings Survey: Share Your Experience!

Danielle Elwood, ICAN Chapter Leader in Connecticut, Birth Activist, and Blogger has partnered with the website Healthy Baby Network to help survey cesarean section mothers to look at the opinions, education, and experiences of every day mothers who have given birth via cesarean section at least once.

This survey looks at many different aspects of post cesarean emotions, as well as choices including Vaginal Birth after Cesarean, Informed Consent, and seeking therapy or help for birth trauma.

We want real mothers voices to be heard. Most questions have the option of leaving a comment along with your answer.You can leave your answers anonymous, or give your contact information if you would like.

The survey will become a series of blog posts, and educational resources for cesarean mothers, and pave the way to address common misconceptions and lack of education.

Click the survey link above to share your thoughts!