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Mother-sized Activism: Tell NBC What You Think!

Welcome, birth advocates, to our third installment of the “Mother-Sized Activism” feature on this blog, where we take an issue and put the relevant information together so you can grab a few minutes out of your day and help make a real difference. So many of us can get overwhelmed thinking of all the work that needs to be done. Let’s chop up that work into little manageable pieces. Ready?

On the heels of  NBC’s Today Show “Live in the OR” segment and ICAN’s official response, we ask you to let NBC know what you think. Here are some tips and contact information:


1) Tell them what you thought of their coverage.  Make sure you mention ICAN’s response to their segment- it makes them aware of the fact that there is a place where consumers are unifying to demand more accurate cesarean section information.

2) Address the science.  You can reference:

  • Ultrasound weight predictions can be inaccurate. The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP) states that 3,700 women with an estimated fetal weight of 9 lbs 15 oz or more would need to experience an elective cesarean for macrosomia (and all of the risks that come along with cesareans to mom, baby, and future babies) in order to prevent just one case of permanent brachial plexus injury.  They also state that elective induction for suspected macrosomia is not evidence based and actually increases complications. Not even ACOG recommends cesarean for suspected marcrosomia for babies less than 11 lbs. ACOG also notes that ultrasound diagnosis of size is imprecise and no better than clinical judgment.

3) Did you give  birth vaginally to a 10 lb or larger baby?   Tell the Today Show your story!  Or did you have an unnecesarean for macrosomia and subsequently have a VBAC?  Let them know the differences in your experiences!

4) Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc.  Spread the word about ICAN’s response to the Today Show and this page with information on these mother-sized jobs that everyone can do!


Send your responses to:

Jim Bell
Executive Producer
NBC Today Show

Or by snail mail at:
The Today Show
30 Rockefeller Plaza
NY, NY 10112 Wi.


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