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Best of the Birth Blogs – Week Ending December 13th

Your weekly one-stop for highlights from the birth blogosphere. Visit weekly for the latest on childbirth, especially related to cesarean prevention, recovery, and VBAC. To nominate a blog post to be featured here, email me at

Science & Sensibility – A Case of Statistical Malpractice? Predicting the Risk of Uterine Rupture: Amy Romano calls “statistical malpractice” on a recently published article about the relationship between epidural dosage and uterine rupture.

Birth Sense – Childbirth Hall of Shame #2:  A cautionary tale on the “safety” of hospital birth because of fetal monitoring.

Birthing Beautiful Ideas – VBAC Scare Tactics (9): You Have *How* Many Scars on Your Uterus?: Another post in a great series on VBAC scare tactics, this time on VBAmC (VBAC after multiple cesareans).

Gloria LeMay – Cord Around the Neck: Gloria comments on mistaking a cord around the neck as the cause of low apgar scores after an augmented VBAC birth.

The Feminist Breeder – The Case for Reducing the Cesarean Rate: A short, sweet and well-referenced statement on the need to reduce cesareans in the U.S.


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