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Unplanned VBAC assisted by two-year-old

ACOG may want to revise its VBAC guidelines after reading this heartwarming story of a mother who, despite being scheduled for her fourth c-section gave birth safely at home with the help of her toddler. No surgeon or anesthesiologist were in sight.

The 2-year-old was calm.

“I laid on the couch and he went and got a towel,” Bobbye Favazza said. “He grabbed a towel on his own.

“It happened so fast. My water broke and the baby came two to three minutes later. I just pushed and he caught him.”

Bobbye Favazza said she held her baby, still attached to her by the cord, as she walked a few feet to unlock the front door for emergency personnel. They cut the cord.

Jeremiha, quizzed about the birth of his brother, can point to the spot at the end of the couch where Kamron Taylor was born.

“Over there,” he said.


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  2. Holly says:

    =D so beautiful

  3. Laura Bentz says:

    Thank you so much; it is so important to share these stories!

  4. Ava says:

    That’s an amazing story, and an amazing toddler!