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Best of the Birth Blogs – Week Ending September 13th

Your weekly one-stop for highlights from the birth blogosphere. Visit weekly for the latest on childbirth, especially related to cesarean prevention, recovery, and VBAC. To nominate a blog post to be featured here, email me at

Nursing Birth – The WORST Idea Since Routine Continuous Fetal Monitoring For Low Risk Mothers: Melissa dishes on devices like LaborPro and BirthTrack: “…LaborPro and BirthTrack are a slap in the face to every labor and delivery nurse that cares about giving appropriate, effective, competent, physiological, and compassionate care to childbearing families.   Unfortunately I would bet my hard earned money that at least half of the doctors I currently work with would think that this is a good idea.”

My OB Said What?!?: Several bloggers linked to this new site highlighting the “crazy but true” things (dehydrated cervix???) birth professionals say to birthing women. Click over for a good laugh (cry?) and to submit your own experience.

The Unnecessarian – ACOG Releases Survey Results: OB/GYNs “Ultimately Hurt Patients”: Jill offers commentary on ACOG’s new survey of its members about the effects of malpractice fear on OB practice changes, including increased cesareans and restrictions on VBAC. Says Jill, “…ACOG has taken a profound step in openly admitting and sharing data that women’s options are being severely restricted and iatrogenic injuries are occuring on a large scale due to physician fears.”

Stand and Deliver – Code Mec! Code Mec! Rixa strikes again this week with this post summarizing the blogosphere’s response to the Today Show’s sensationally misinformed and misleading story on homebirth. Rixa says, “I can think of no stickier, gooier, ickier fecal substance than infant meconium. So from now on, anything particularly outrageous or ignorant or downright stupid, when it pertains to birth, gets a big old…CODE MEC! CODE MEC!”

Patti Ramos – Birth Up Close…(WARNING…Very graphic photos View at your own discretion): A vaginal birth in all its glory – follows the baby from crowning to latching on. Beautiful.